Job Description

We are always looking for good interviewers because we understand our Appalachian Survey Research Lab is only as good as the people we employ. Consequently, the starting salary for interviewers is $12/hour, which we believe makes for a happy, motivated team. Telephone interviewers receive full, paid training and gain hands-on professional research experience collecting survey data on a variety of social and political topics.


Interviewing is an art and requires strong communication skills. We seek individuals with a pleasant telephone voice, who can speak clearly and enunciate properly. The goal is to find a nice speaking voice that does not sound mechanical (i.e., like a script is being read). In addition, successful applicants have good listening skills and are able to accurately record responses.

Most of our interviewing takes place in the evenings when potential respondents are generally home. This means that our shifts usually begin after 5:30pm and end at 9pm for whatever time zone we are calling (e.g., for calls to residents in the Pacific Standard Time Zone, we would work until 11:30pm EST). AppSRL is open 6 days per week (we are closed Fridays). Employees must be available to work a minimum of two shifts per week.

Finally, we are interested in hiring people who care about obtaining high quality interviews (i.e., data).





center for economic research and policy analysis appalachian state university


Dr Todd K Hartman
Goverment and Justice Studies

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