Dr. Todd HartmanTodd Hartman (Ph.D., Stony Brook) is Founding Director of the Appalachian Survey Research Lab (AppSRL). Dr. Hartman is trained as a political psychologist with specializations in American politics and research methodology (statistics). He currently serves as Director of the Survey Research Program for the Center for Economic Research and Policy Analysis in addition to his role as Assistant Professor in the Department of Government and Justice Studies.

Dr. Hartman has extensive experience in survey-based research and statistical analysis of survey data. Prior to joining ASU, Dr. Hartman spent two years working for the Stony Brook Center for Survey Research under the direction of Leonie Huddy and Stanley Feldman. During this time, he worked closely with state and local agencies on large surveys concerning topics such as regional development, environmental issues, and preventive healthcare.

Dr. Hartman’s responsibilities at AppSRL include designing and implementing survey instruments for telephone-, web-, or mail-based questionnaires. He also directs graduate student supervisors and a staff of roughly 30 interviewers drawn from the student body and local community. Dr. Hartman is involved with all phases of data collection to ensure quality controls are followed. If requested, he can conduct any number of sophisticated analyses.

He recently completed a grant project for the North Carolina Rural Economic Development Center investigating the causes and consequences of rural poverty within the state. As part of this effort, Dr. Hartman helped design and implement a random-digit-dialing (RDD) telephone survey with over 750 respondents across the state, as well as detailed follow-up interviews with a subset of this sample. He also completed an RDD survey for the Virginia Institute of Marine Science exploring public awareness of the environmental and economic impacts of overfishing in the Chesapeake Bay.

Dr. Hartman’s current research focuses on political attitudes and intergroup relations. For more detailed information, please visit <>.


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Dr Todd K Hartman
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